Dlyuk Janggi

program name : Dlyuk Janggi
genre : board game
creator : Taehoon Kim
service : You can play Dlyuk-Janggi(new age janggi variant) through local network and internet. But, He doesn't have Computer AI(Artificial Intelligence)
feature : Dlyuk Janggi is different from standard janggi in property(i.e. rule, board size, ...)

Dlyuk Janggi 1.0.0
    -First version
    -Support to play Dlyuk Janggi through local network and internet(TCP/IP protocol)
    -Not support to play Dlyuk Janggi with a computer AI

Dlyuk Janggi 1.1.0
    -Support sprite(another word is "Animated") movement for Kimuls
    -Bug Fix : Destructive behavior due to right mouse button click

Download Dlyuk Janggi 1.2.0 (966K)
    -3rd revision rule
    -Bug Fix : fix rule

Dlyouk Janggi manual for v1.0.0 (1.9M, PDF format-Acrobat Reader) : Written in Korean

[under construction] óŻ brief menual - English, MS Word

[***New Documentation***] óŻ rule menual - English, Web Page

Wave file for Dlyouk Janggi (TTag.wav, 7K)

Dlyouk Janggi Interface