4190.662A Distributed Information Processing 2017 Fall

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Tuesday, Thursday ( ~ ) @ Bldg. 302 #106
Knowledge of Basics of Software, Systems, and Distributed Processing
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The main goal of this course is to study the basics of research regarding distributed information processing software and systems that transmit, process, and protect information efficiently in order to meet the user requirements of value creation via using information in distributed computing or ubiquitous network environments. Students learn how to perform research to develop technologies needed in such environments, by deeply understanding major distributed information processing and systems issues regarding effective, efficient information protection, utilization, & transmission and performance engineering, and by obtaining relevant skills.

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Introduction Lecture1 HW : Self-Introduction
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Fundamentals of Distributed Systems
Lecture3 , Lamport78 detail
Lecture4 Chandy85 detail
Distributed Memory File Systems
Other Distributed Systems Topics