Rack Scale Architecture Computing for Server Resource Utilization

The growth rate of cloud data centers is growing and the importance of data centers is increasing. However, it can be known that the servers that provide these
cloud services have very low server utilization. The current data centers of the
second generation clouds have limit to allocate resources to workload dynamically. It leads to a problem of low utilization of these servers.

Figure 1 A few thousand server cluster at Twitter managed by Mesos


It is necessary to optimize resource utilization of cloud data centers by allocating resources according to dynamic situations through rack scale architecture that is a next generation data center architecture. The promising rack scale architecture can increase the server utilization by elastic and dynamic resource management. The management disaggregates resources and allocates to workload. In a rack scale architecture, each workload can access each virtualized resource using a rack scale architecture API defined through a virtual data center. These resources are virtualized resources to reconfigure themselves according to the needs of the data center. And there is an automatic management system for reconfiguring resources and allocating workloads to resources. The system manages them. The proposed system optimizes the resource utilization by building a rack scale architecture system that next generation data center supports dynamic resource management technology.

Figure 2 Proposed Rack Scale Architecture System