Distributed File System

  As big data and cloud computing are thriving in IT ecosystem, it is becoming more and more important for enterprises to collect and analyze huge amount of user data. To process big data, it is fundamentally required to efficiently store and manage them, which necessitate distributed file system for this purpose.     GlusterFS and[…]

Cache Partitioning

In multi-core system where different cores share last-level cache, performance interference between processes become a real issue. Our lab is working on researches to reduce this performance interference. Our lab is working on researches to reduce this performance interference between processes, which can lower the overall performance of the system as well as making it[…]

Performance Isolation for Datacenters

Datacenters are becoming more important as they are heavily used web or big data workloads in companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. For efficient utlization of datacenters, it is required to solve performance problem due to interference between service workloads. Performance interference is inevitable in datacenters where many services compete for limited resources; to[…]

SSD Optimization

Storage device is a fundamental element of computer systems that holds user data. The advance of storage hardware and big data platforms also elicited active researches on storage stack. Our lab is  doing research on improving the performance and stability of storage devices by optimizing software technology, which is critical in enhancing user experience of computing[…]