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with next generation computing systems...

As a large scale web services or big data analysis have become crucial components in a commercial sphere, many researches are being done in network or storage optimizations of these datacenters.


Advances in storage devices such as NVMe SSD have led to vast researches on storage stack optimization of operating systems to exploit full performance of these state-of-the-art devices.


Multi-core environment introduced a whole new paradigm of programming with a lot of challenges. Now programmers have to think about the computer structure in order to experience multi-core stability.

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Lab is a family. We provide a really comfortable atmosphere in which you can share not only your academic insight and concerns but also your future careers.

We consist of researchers interested in various fields from cloud, storage, memory, big data and various open source projects. We are also starting lots of projects in 2015 and there would be great opportunities for members to be specialists in their research fields.

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Heon Young Yeom
Hyeonsang Eom
Seok Won Choi
Ph.D. Student
Cheolgi Min
Ph.D. Student
Hyunil Shin
Ph.D. Student
Chungyong Kim
Ph.D. Student
Dongkyu Sung
Ph.D. Student
Jinyong Ha
Ph.D. Student
Mansub Song
Ph.D. Student
Inhwi Hwang
Ph.D Student
Yunhyeong Seo
Ph.D. Student
Jieun Choi
Ph.D. Student
Hyojin Song
Ph.D. Student
Zguem Sara
Ph.D. Student


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